What To Expect

Your First Therapeutic Massage

As a potential new client you probably have many questions about what to expect from your first massage with us. This information will help your first visit to be comfortable and enjoyable. Be an active participant in the session. Ask questions about things you don't understand, make your wishes known. Especially if something makes you uncomfortable at any time. We hope this information will help you relax and enjoy your massage!

Why Are You Getting A Massage?

This is one of the first questions we ask a new client. We want to know why you're getting a massage so we can plan your session to address your needs and requirements. If you're a little unsure or perhaps you were just referred by a friend. Some of the most common reasons for getting are massage are: General Relaxation - Revitalization - Relieve Sore or Tight Muscles - Relieve Tension Headaches - Recovery from Sports Activity - General Health and Fitness - Improved Circulation - Complement to Other Health Care.

Common Concerns About The Session

Modesty: It is important that you are comfortable during the massage. The most commonly expressed concern is about modesty. Throughout your massage session, you will be draped with a sheet covering. Genitals and breasts will be covered at all times. While most choose to be completely unclothed you may prefer to wear your under garments during the massage. As each part of the body is being massaged, it is uncovered. Feel free to call and ask about anything that you might be uncomfortable with.

Atmosphere / Talking: During your massage soft music is played to help you relax. Talking during your massage is optional. Some people prefer quiet during their massage while others prefer social interaction. Usually during the first massage we will communicate and talk somewhat with you as we move through each phase of the massage, we may request feedback from you regarding the your level of comfort or to address specific problems.

Skin and Makeup: We use a soft penetrating balm to help lubricate the skin to avoid chaffing or hair pulling. Please inform me of any allergies you have which might be aggravated by the lubricant used. We can substitute with creams or other lotions you may prefer. At the conclusion of the massage you are rubber through the sheet to help remove any excess lubricant. We advise against wearing makeup and since massage of the face, scalp or neck will result in disturbing your makeup and hair-style. Please let Kristy know if this is a concern.

Pain & Discomfort: Pain is not commonly associated with massage. If you feel discomfort at anytime please speak up. Tense muscles can on occasion be sore and may hurt a little when initially massaged. There may sometimes be delayed soreness after a massage. Take a hot shower or bath, and drink plenty of water to help remove waste products flushed out during a massage. This is especially important after the first massage. The more massage you receive, the less likely you will experience post-massage soreness.

Health Risks: What health information will I need to provide? You will be asked to fill out an initial health sheet to provide general information about your past and current health condition. The important information we collect includes any major health problems you have, medications you are taking, allergies, state of pregnancy, and recent accidents or injuries. This information is used to help plan the massage session and to insure your safety should a serious condition exist.

There are certain situations in which caution should be taken when receiving therapeutic massage. It is generally agreed upon that persons with uncontrolled high blood pressure, heart disease, recent surgery or fractures, phlebitis, fever, and other problem conditions should consult their physicians for any restrictions on receiving massage. In some cases limited restrictions apply and in some rare cases massage should be avoided altogether. If in doubt, consult with your doctor.

Financial Matters: Discuss financial matters before the session to avoid any misunderstandings. Payment is usually due immediately before or after the session. Method of payment Kristy accepts is checks or cash. On rare occasion we may accept a credit card payment using paypal. Be sure to check first if you are expecting to charge the session on a bank card.

Tipping is optional, but if you feel you had exceptional experience it is recommended. Kristy works hard and appreciates such positive feedback.

Missed Appointments: As a courtesy Kristy requests that you give at least 24 hours notice if you must cancel an appointment. Since this is Kristy's livelihood if an appointment is missed without notice you are expected to pay for that time.

Insurance Coverage: Check with your insurance company, if you are expecting them to cover the cost of the therapeutic massage. This varies from company to to company, and state to state.

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